HomeGrass Products


The artificial turf that offers the best value-for-money in the market. A truly smart choice, which combines satisfactory density with softness and high durability. Ideal for any sort of garden and balcony; suitable for children and pets, as well as for lots of play!


Particular softness and high flexibility in combination with good durability and density are the features that make the Spring model a very good choice for gardens and pool areas. Children and pets will love it!


Ultimate density and softness. Excellent flexibility and very high durability. An elegant artificial lawn that highlights and upgrades the space around pools and all aspects of a garden.


Extremely soft and hard-wearing artificial turf. An excellent choice for almost all sorts of applications. Very durable on occasions of intense play by children and pets.


The green luxury! With a height of 50mm, Deluxe is the flagship model of HomeGrass. It is characterized by maximum density and softness, in combination with very high durability and excellent aesthetics. It can transform every garden into a deluxe green oasis!


Made from
non-toxic materials


Resistant to UV radiation
and intense use

Suitable for children

Mild, Hypoallergenic and antibacterial

Low maintenance cost

Easy and economical maintenance

Eco-friendly product

Free of fertilizers and pesticides

High-aesthetic result

Upgrade spaces and
green all year round

Suitable for pets

High durability and easy cleaning

Water conservation

No need for watering

Hassle-free product

Take care once and for all of the lawn mowing